Reversed mortgage

When presenting the social reversed mortgage project, a main critique I hear related to older people’s children – and to the fact that in theory, the project looks as a strategy to disinherit children.

I believe there are two main reasons why this is not true.


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Last week, I had the opportunity to present at the Ecuadorian congress of urban studies at the university FLACSO (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales). It was a beautifully organised congress with a fantastic interdisciplinarity, including lawyers, architects, city planners… and also just a few people researching  health and ageing issues (maybe just me actually).

estudios urbanos

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What if buying a house could combine retirement savings and shelter provision?
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Le viager, cette drôle d’histoire… Pour faire simple, le viager est un mode de vente immobilière dans lequel une personne âgée vend sa maison principale tout en y demeurant, contre le versement d’une somme (bouquet) et d’une rente jusqu’au terme de la vie du vendeur.

D’un point de vue gérontologique, c’est une solution quasi parfaite, gagnant-gagnant.

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